British Colonialism and Its Effects on Shaping Pakistani Culture

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3. British colonialism and its effects on the shaping of Pakistani culture

The culture of a nation (a complex structure of unsaid dos and don'ts) is determined by their emotive sensitivities and intellectual development at a given stage in history. The form of social order and its institutions are a reflection of this culture. Pre-British India was on a declining path vis-à-vis these factors. Hence conditions were ripe for the invaders to encourage and establish a culture of collaboration. And they were greatly helped in this process by people who willingly forsake the responsibility of leadership in favor of the colonists who represented a culture on dominance.

The advent of the British in India, unlike the previous invading forces,
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One of the most profound (but relatively less-understood) consequence of colonization has been how the political and "economic rape" of the colonies has also led to what sometimes seems to be an unbridgeable cultural gap between the nations that were the beneficiaries of colonization and those that were the victims of the colonial assault.
The rule on Indian subcontinent led to the decline of traditional cultural pursuits in the colonies (mainly due to the loss of support resulting from political defeat and economic contraction). At the same time, British were excelling in every walk of life like science and technology, etc. the colonized nations of Asia not only missed out on these monumental developments, their political and economic defeat led to cultural theft and destruction, and even more so, to a deeply penetrating "psychological genocide"
Apart from certain aspects of material culture in the sub continent that were destroyed, people lost sense of cultural continuity. They were now unable to recover the ability to strive for cultural progress on their own terms. The lack of self confidence made people look upon their heritage with cynicism or disdain or conversely sought refuge in fundamentalism and myth making. This trend is now rooted with in the culture and it would not be appropriate to hold colonization as

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