Brief Summary Of Moon Shadow

The book starts off in 1903 in the Middle Kingdom in China. Moon Shadow is seven years old he lives with his mom and grandmother his father lives in the land of the golden mountain. His father works their and sends money to the mom, the mom works on their farm that is always busy. Moon Shadow has never met his father,but one thing he knows about him is he makes amazing kites. One day Hand Clap comes and gives a note to Moon Shadow from his father asking if he would like to live in the Land Of The Golden Mountain with him. His mother and grandmother are hesitant,but end up saying yes so Hand Clap takes him on a journey to China all the way to San Francisco. When they arrive he instantly sees his father and his uncle Bright Star. Father says …show more content…
him and Windrider start writing letters to mother and grandmother. Moon Shadow finds out Black Dog is part of a group called the Sleepers. Later on Moon Shadow and Windrider go to an opium den to find Black Dog and find Black Dog they find out Black Dog stole from somebody Black Dog refuses to go with Moon Shadow and Windrider so then Windrider punches Black dog and throws him over his shoulder and takes him to the company. Uncle Bright Star wonders how he is going to pay back what Black Dog stole the company helps him pay the money. Since Moon shadow is ten years old he gets the job of collecting overdue bills he one day sees Black Dog they have a conversation and he kicks Moon Shadow and then steals the bills. Then Windrider says he is going after the Sleepers and Black Dog, he beats up Black Dog and leaves him by the street and he then leaves the Tang Village and decides to live with the demons. When he gets to the demons they meet the landowner and her name is Miss Whitlaw and they also meet her niece Robin. Moon Shadow takes a while to warm up with

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