The Rising Of The Moon By Lady Gregory Essay

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The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory was a play published on March 9th, 1907 at the Abbey Theatre. The theatre being known for Irish literature and drama, the majority of Gregory’s plays were performed there. Different literary critic have slightly different suggestions on what they consider the main theme of this play to be. Two analysis of Lady Gregory and her one-act play that will be presented in this paper are by Elaine T. Partnow and Edward A. Kopper Jr. Two people who can be considered credible sources considering they are both authors of books on women playwrights in the time of Lady Gregory. The different analysis that each critics gives, gives readers a deeper understanding of the the theme of this play, therefore being able to appreciate the significance of it better. One mentions the history of Ireland to enrich the readers’ minds, whereas the other talks about the power language can have. Another possible theme, not introduced by a critic, will be analyzed in this paper as well. The first analysis that will be mentioned is by Elaine T. Partnow, the author of The Female Dramatist: Profiles of Women Playwrights from the Middle Ages to Contemporary Times, as well as The Quotable Woman: The First 5,000 Years. Therefore readers can consider her analysis of the theme of The Rising of the Moon to be a credible source. Partnow considers the diction of one of the characters to be the most important to the theme of the play, “Gregory 's one-acts have been lauded for…

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