Brief Overview Of Consumer Behavior Essay

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Brief Overview of Consumer Behavior Schiffman et al. (2014, p. 4) define consumer behavior as the behavior displayed by consumers in searching for, buying, using, evaluating and the disposing of the products and services that they expect will placate their needs. The significance of understanding consumer buying behavior and its processes is of fundamental importance to any business. Lamb, Hair & McDaniel (2008, p. 140) assert that consumer product and service preferences are subject to constant change, and, therefore, marketers must have a defined knowledge of consumer behavior so as to create a proper marketing mix for a distinct target audience. According to Lantos (2010, p. 106), the five stages of consumer decision making process are as follows: need recognition, information search, alternatives evaluation, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior. This paper will present how these five stages are applied in relation to the Apple iPad brand, in determining ways through which Apple, Inc. can promote it.
Brief Overview of the iPad By definition, the iPad is a touchscreen controlled tablet computer. Its sheer design and size places it somewhere between the present day smartphone, and the conventional laptop computer (Turner & Harrington, 2013). As such, it offers portability. The iPad is popular among its byers and users perhaps because it is essentially suitable for multimedia processing such as music and video storage; digital reading such as e-books; and online…

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