Brief Description Of The Client Issues Essay

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Brief description of the client issues:

My client was a 35 year old male who was obese. He had been experiencing chest pain when he engaged in physical activity and therefore he went to see his family doctor. He was then told by his physician that he needed to lose weight as well as cut back on fat consumption because he was diagnosed with having high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The client was concerned because he was told that if he did nothing to change these unhealthy conditions he might be headed for having a heart attack. Though he said to be incredibly busy with work and meetings in the evenings he came in knowing he had to do something about it. Due to a busy schedule he has fast food at least once a day (he also mentioned that he rarely has fruits and vegetables) and during the meetings he attends there is often foods like muffins, pastries, and cookies available; therefore, in such occasions if he is feeling hungry or stresses he will have some of the foods that are offered. When he gets home from work, every evening, he watches TV while eating a bowl of ice cream. He says this help him relax and deal with his stress. With regards to physical activity, he is not involved in any regular moderate-intense physical activity. He seems concerned with his fat and sodium intake due to his health problems, but is not really worried about his weight. His wife, who does the cooking and shopping, has told him that he needed to lose some weight.
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