Breastfeeding Resources That You Like About The Breastfeeding Specialist

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Interviewer: Okay, let 's talk about the breastfeeding resources that you used. What did you like about the breastfeeding specialist Careena?

Interviewee: She was a 24 hour resource, no matter what time of day it was or time of night it was, she was just there for me more than a lot of people. I don’t know, it would sometimes be late and I have questions and instead of calling my mom I just text her or if my mom was already at work I would text her instead of calling my mom, because I knew she was busy.

Then, since I knew she was a breastfeeding specialist, I would ask her more questions than I would the people I knew who breastfed because I feel like since she studied, she knew more. I asked some people about spicy food that breast fed and they said you shouldn’t eat it. One of my friends who had a baby said you can 't eat spicy food and my mom said you shouldn’t eat it. When I asked her, she said I can eat it, just not as much, but sometimes I just wanted spicy food after I had her.

She sent me a long text about it and basically said that I can eat it. I just listened to her over everyone that I knew because she was a specialist and wasn’t just somebody who had a baby.

Interviewer: What did you not like about her services?

Interviewee: I don’t really have anything negative to say about it.

Interviewer: What did you like about WIC?

Interviewee: They definitely supported me 100 percent. They gave me a bunch of numbers to call if I needed any help and that…

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