Essay on Breastfeeding Mothers : A Focus On Breastfeeding

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The aggregate that will be discussed in the following paper are breastfeeding mothers, with a focus on breastfeeding mother’s that currently reside in North and West Vancouver. With Canada and Vancouver’s north shore being a multicultural community, this aggregate is made up of a diverse group of women who range in age and ethnicity. In Canada, the average age of these women is 29.6 years (“Family Life”, 2014). When looking at the province of British Columbia is should be noted that the maternal age is higher than the national average (“Family Life”, 2014). Currently in British Columbia, the average maternal age of mother’s is 30 years and over (“Family Life”, 2014). This aggregate links with the community health nursing textbook written by Stamler and Yiu section regarding maternal and child health.
One health issue that these mothers face on a daily basis is discrimination from some members of the community that infringe upon their right to breastfeed their child in public (“Sex discrimination,” 2000). A study done in New York City concluded that 50% of participants of the study believe that breastfeeding should be a private act and that one third of the participants felt uncomfortable if breastfeeding women were close to them in public places (Mulready-Ward & Hackett, 2014). Although this study was conducted in America, many of these perceptions are shared on a North American level (cite). Some members of the public voice their opinions to these women either…

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