Breast Feeding, Better Then Formula Essay example

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Breast Feeding, Better then Formula
A woman is sitting at her house trying to watch television, with one of her breast exposed, and a pair of lips sucking on the nipple. While many people may view these words as sexual in nature, reminiscent of some long ago date, it is actually describing something innocent and natural for humans to do, the breastfeeding of an infant. The NRDC or Natural Resources Defense Council states in their online article Benefits of Breastfeeding that babies are “delicate and can easily contract a disease, in part because of their underdeveloped bodies.” NRDC further says in Benefits of Breastfeeding that although infant formulas can provide some of the nourishment needed, “it cannot duplicate the components of human breast milk from a mother.” Because of its nutritious superiority and cost effectiveness for parents, breast feeding should be the number-one source for infants over formula. Unfortunately, breastfeeding is often looked down upon or takes a back seat to formula in the United States, as it must compete with the never-ending advertising by infant-formula companies and the taboo reputation it has been given. This needs to change, and American’s need to become more accepting of breastfeeding, not just because it is cheaper, but because it is far more nutritious then formula is for our countries babies.
Making sure that our babies are being provided all the nutrients they need, and helping them to grow up healthy is what every parent…

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