Compare And Contrast Breakfast At Tiffany's

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With every movie adaptation of a book, there are changes that are made with characters, settings, and other elements. The changes are mostly necessary, and most of the time do not take away from the main theme or message. Things are taken out and added from the book to the movie in order to appeal a wider audience. Likewise, most movies have happy endings, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s is no exception. The book’s ending has more mystery and more sorrowful in the eyes of the narrator, but it is a more realistic ending to the readers. Truman Capote wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 1958. It was released as a film in 1961 and directed by Blake Edwards. (IMBD). Richard Shepherd got the rights to the book and sought after Paramount to produce it. …show more content…
Holly Golightly is the main focus of both the book and the story. Holly speaks fast and is often jumping from one subject to the next while having a conversation. Her wit and sarcasm make it seem like she could talk her way out of anything. Holly is always well dressed, and despite the irony it gives the impression that her character is on top of things. It is apparent in the movie that she is fiercely independent and is on a great search to find herself. Within the first few minutes, the viewer learns that Holly has a cat that she refuses to name. She claims that only when they both find where they belong will she then give the cat a name. Likewise, Holly’s apartment looks like she just moved in even though she has been living there a year. Holly’s unwillingness to settle in shows how free she wishes to be; she is a gypsy soul in high fashion clothes with an obsession with Tiffany & Co. Her obsession with the high-end jewelry store is more apparent in the film. Holly does not like to buy diamonds, but she claims that nothing bad could ever happened in such a calming place. When she thinks that a Brazilian man will marry her and take her away, she then begins to start acting like she has her life in order, but it is only for a brief time before things unravel in her life once

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