Bread Vs Wheat Bread Research

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Which bread mold grows the fastest White Bread vs Whole Wheat?


1. Place a piece of bread into a zip lock bag, and put a teaspoon full of water over each piece. Make sure that each piece of bread are equally damp by spreading the water evenly.

2. Place each zip lock bag in a warm, dark environment where they won’t be disturbed and keep some distance between the samples. Don’t let the zip lock bags touch.

3. Make sure to take evidence everyday such as a photo or written down somewhere in a journal.

4. Leave the samples overnight.

5.The next day take notes on any changes that have occurred and make sure you have proof of those changes.

6. Then use another teaspoon of the same quantity and pour some more water to keep
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This experiment was done in a different country to I am in which means different climates.

Source 3:
Mold on Wheat Bread vs. White Bread: This source just shows what you need to look at when you looking at different kinds of bread. This source gives tips on how to avoid mold by toasting it or keeping in a cold environment. Is also shows preservatives are in breads today that people buy at groceries and that these preservatives do have an effect on how fast mold grows on bread itself no what matter what bread it is.

This source has validity because it is very knowledgeable about what breads contain, the water activity and how to avoid bread mold all together.

This source is not reliable because it doesn't show the results on which bread mold grew the fastest.

This source is useful because it gives me a greater understanding of what is on bread and how the add preservatives cause the grow mold to grow faster due to the substances inside.

This source is not at experiment but just an explanation.
Doesn't give any

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