Bread on the Water Essay

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Bread on the Water
l. 180-210

They walked back through town, reaching the church just as the crowd was coming out the door. Tommy worked his way against the flow, hoping to hook up with his parents before they figured out he hadn't been there during the service.
"I'm toast," Tommy muttered to Andy as he caught sight of Mrs. Skeffington talking to his mom.
When his folks reached him, his dad didn't waste any time. "I'm very disappointed with you," he said.
"Getting thrown out of a church service. Of all the places to misbehave." He went on for a while Tommy nodded and made the proper noises to show how bad he felt. Out of the corner of his eye, He could see Andy dancing through the same routine with his mom and dad.
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Tommy looked back, but he didn't get to see what happened. Maybe she gave him something. He'd like to think so.
In the front seats, his parents were playing invisible Son, talking about him like he wasn't there.

A third-person narrator is in most short stories the omnicient narrator and with the effect of the story told in another point of view, here with the third-person POV, the narrator knows everything as in the thoughts of the actual protagonist Tommy, his actions, guesses, beliefs etc.
In my Opinion, Andy does the right and the wrong thing. Speaking of his best friend, he talks in kind of a mean way about him infront of the beggar. But looking from another point of view, he also just tries to keep a neutral conversation going, preventing all from feeling weird, so nobody feels the effect of an awkward silence after all, especially when being with someone they just met.

Helping a homeless person wouldn't even be a thing some people in our society would think about. Andy was right talking to the homeless guy and there are many arguments that speak for it.
First of all, he just tried to help him by talking about different things, some things that the homeless guy maybe could talk about and he just tried to keep the conversation going, so there wouldn't be an awkward moment when nobody knows what to say.

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