Braveheart Movie Analysis Essay

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Edward the Longshanks, king of England was a dominant figure bent on obtaining allegiance by most any means available. He was an autocratic leader in that he was the central authority. The only power that he was willing to give was to those that he could still control through fear and bribery. Expansion of his power base came by using the greed of others. Given no concern for human needs, he expected his followers to do what they were told and not think for themselves. Input from others was received but ultimately what he wanted was all that mattered. He used negative theory by applying fear for those that opposed and positive theory by offering rewards for those that agreed with him is his quest for power.
Braveheart is
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Leadership is the critical factor that helps a group identify its goals and then motivates and assists in achieving the goals. Wallace met this role by encouraging his men to be committed and involved, by demonstrating his willingness to do the same. He was not willing to reap the rewards without being willing to risk all he had. Inspiring the people around him to be more than they thought they were, and to strive to have more than they thought they deserved. He had taught them to value their freedom and their independence above all else.
Empowerment builds trust but sometimes that could back fire, and it did when Wallace empowered others by his willingness to trust them with sharing his vision. He trusted the nobles by sharing his battle plans; they used this against him by going to Longshanks and divulging the plans. Access to information and resources is a characteristic necessary for empowering, but as Wallace found out sharing company secrets can be a disadvantage as well. In his first real leadership role on the field of battle the three skills associated with leadership was shown. Wallace had visions (conceptual) in how to fight the English and their heavy cavalry, something no army had ever been able to do. By making spears (technical) twice longer than any used before, they could deal a crushing blow to the

cavalry without sustaining great losses themselves (human) indicating Wallace’s willingness to try something new and

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