Epic Characteristics Of Beowulf

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The Battles Being a hero in a battle seems like a tough thing to do especially when you are expected to do unrealistic things in the eyes of the public. In Beowulf he has to face many monsters that have huge potential to kill the ordinary person. You have grendel who can eat a man whole and not even give a second thought about it. Then there is Grendel's mom who is stronger, wiser, and repellant to Beowulf's sword. Then finally the last battle of the story where Beowulf dies is the dragon. For each monster Beowulf approaches,motivates, prepares, and strategizes the battle in different ways but also has the same tactics within the battles. Beowulf shows bravery, strength, and many other heroic characteristics. Beowulf’s epic battles begin …show more content…
The dragon, angry about the stealing of his prized cup, flies over Geatland burning everything in his pathway. Beowulf’s mead hall falls victim to the destruction. Beowulf realizes he must slay the beast for his people and his kingdom’s future. He informs his people that this will be his last battle and begins his preparation. This is a unique statement for Beowulf, considering he proudly boasted about his last two battles and the victories he would return with. Just like in the initial battle with Grendel, loyal soldiers volunteer to stand with Beowulf. Beowulf and eleven loyal thanes travel to the great dragon’s nest. As Beowulf enters the dragon’s lair, he is met by the monster who breathes fire into his face. The dragon manages to remove Beowulf of his sword and shield, leaving him defenseless. Ten of the eleven thanes, witnessing Beowulf’s helplessness, flee in fright and panic. Wiglaf, the eleventh thane, stays and fights on with Beowulf. Beowulf manages to get in a swing at the dragon, but the dragon counters his attack, stabbing him in the neck with his poison. Beowulf is left severely wounded, but still manages to pull out a secret knife, and together him and Wiglaf stab the dragon. The dragon, after a long battle, is fatally defeated. Beowulf, worn to pieces, collapses from his wounds. Wiglaf does everything he can to try to help and save Beowulf, but the wounds he had suffered prove to be fatal. Unlike the previous two battles, both the monster and the victor face their deaths. Beowulf recognizes Wiglaf as the closest thing he has to a son. He then asks to view the dragon’s treasures, the treasure that he gave his life for. Wiglaf brings him the treasure and upon viewing it, he finally takes his last breath. Wiglaf returns to the kingdom to tell the people the epic story, and Beowulf is recognized yet again as a victor and a hero to his

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