Brand Positioning Case Study

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What is Brand Positioning?
Web finance (2016) defines positioning as a marketing strategy that aims to make a brand occupy a distinct position, relative to competing brands, in the mind of the customer. Google has done well with this by offering numerous products within the field of technology. Many new technology fads that are popular to consumers have been created under the parent company of Google. Because Google is a trusted and popular search engine, when new products are introduced consumers may be more willing to try them. Kotler and Keller (2016) state that positioning requires that marketers define and communicate similarities and differences between their brand and its competitors. They list the requirements as (1) choosing a competitive frame of reference, (2) identifying points of parity and points of difference, and (3) creating a brand mantra.
Competitive frame of reference
First a marketing manager must analyze competitors. To choose a competitive frame of reference you must analyze similar products in that field.
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This is the ability to overcome perceived weaknesses. An example Kotler and Keller uses is when customers believe they can break even with a product. For Chromecast, a customer could use the comparison of price to product features offered. While this product is different from others in its field and an argument could be made that it has less features, it is apparent that it is the cheapest within that field.
Brand Mantra
Finally, a marketing manager should analyze a product’s brand mantra. Brand mantras, as defined by Kotler and Keller, provide guidance as to what products to sell and how to market them. A mantra that is used by Google Chromecast is “A better way to get video, music, and games to your TV.” That is listed on the homepage for Chromecast. This shows, in a simple way, what the product does and shows that this product is being made to provide an easier way to share

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