Brand Placement in Movies Essay

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In recent years a lot of research is done on Brand/Product placement in Bollywood films by marketers and advertisers so as to understand the concept and strategies of brand placement in movies. Although not many academic researches can be seen in the field of product placement in Bollywood, the practical usage of the practice of Brand Placement has grown significantly. Lehu in his work defines, “The expression ‘Product Placement' or, ‘Brand Placement' essentially describes the location, or more accurately, the integration of a product or a brand into a film or televised series.” Lehu (2007, pp.1) it can be understood from the work of other scholars like Kalish (1988), Gupta and (Gould 1997) Balasubramanian (1994) that brand placement is …show more content…
The phenomenon is gaining momentum due to its clutter free feature and advantages of celebrity endorsement for the product or brand in a movie. A few firms get product placement at no cost by supplying their product to the movie company (Nike does not pay to be in movies but often supplies shoes, jackets, bags, etc). Advertising is often not believed because consumers know that the producer or manufacturer of a product or service paid for the advertisement. There is however, a perception with the general public that products in films or broadcast programmes are “for real”. Branded product placements of well-known names contribute to this perception. The placed fashion brands and products represent a time frame in the sequence of events as it enfolds or develops on the screen or in their television programmes. As such it is assumed that these placed products are perceived as credible and true to real life experiences. Movie audiences can be viewed as ready-made target groups, especially if a movie clearly represents a certain genre (e.g. science-fiction, action, comedy, drama etc.), thus providing an opportunity to include some indirect commercial messages into the movie for the audience to be influenced by. These commercial messages are usually included into movies by implementing a promotional method called product placement. People are no longer interested in advertisements be it

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