Boy Scouts of America Essay

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- The name of this case study is United Way and The Boy Scouts of America.
- I will be introducing you to the case while giving you a basic overview and relating it to class.
- I will also be answering the first question at the end of the reading.
- Aneek will then continue on with case questions 2 and 3 and finally wrap it up with a conclusion.
- If you have any questions, you can ask at the end of the presentation.
- So, I will now begin the presentation by introducing you to the case study.

- The case study opens by telling us a story of James Dale.
- Dale was part of Boy Scouts of America, abbreviated BSA, for 12 years as a assistant scoutmaster.
- However, in 1990, when BSA found out that Dale was gay, he
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- BSA is a non-profit organization, which depends on the funds from other organizations.
- Therefore, if BSA loses the support from other organizations, it would have trouble financing the company.
- On the other hand, if United Way allows the kind of discrimination mentioned earlier, BSA might lose a few members and go against the legislation.
- This leads into the first case question.

Question 1:
- My question was “in your opinion, does Larry Norvell face an ethical challenge? Or can he simply handle this situation as a business decision and focus on the bottom line? Explain.”
- My response to the question was that Norvell does face an ethical challenge.
- As mentioned earlier, he could either allow the organization to discriminate against: homosexual men, and not ruin relations with majority of the members and other organizations or he could favor a more ethical decision by not discriminating and singling out any groups from joining BSA.
- While reading chapter 3, you can learn that an organization must ensure fair treatment by the means of legal compliance.
- This means that a business or a social organization should take into account for societal morals and values, as well as, legal policies.
- Answering

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