Botox Case Study

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* The use of HIV and needle concerns. * Some concerns issued by FDA using Botox.
Social/Cultural issue: * There are some mixed opinions using Botox. Some women put other women down using Botox. * There is a deeper issue of self-esteem using Botox. * Hindu religion finds using Botox destroys their faith. * Muslims are banned for using Botox for cosmetic purpose. * In some culture age should not be hidden.
Global Operation:
Allergan is a global based company. It is now operating more than 100 locations around the world. For the high cost of use, it is seen more in the first world countries. To be available to all class of people, Allergan should reduce price and open more hospitals or services to third world countries.
Allergan have world class research and development (R&D) program which is very advanced in technology. Scientists and researchers work closely with medical specialists to improve quality of life.

Industry strength/weakness: * Botox has strong competition to others. * Allergan is one and only in Botox industry. * Some issues released by FDA for using Botox. * Botox is kept secret for business.

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This popularity gives a huge opportunity for the company to earn more revenue. If some key changes are made within the company; 2011 would be a golden year for Allergan. Some recommendations are: * Allergan has a good current strategy but it could be improved for global market. * Botox now is having competitors but the advantage of Botox is they have a higher level of expert management. * Advanced R&D and trained workforce will help to expand and capture the market. * Open new locations in hub cities of each country. * Cost of treatment could be lower in order to target more people. There is a big market of middle class people who right now cannot afford it. * Botox is FDA approved and this should help to reduce social and legal issues when globalizing the organization. * Establish ongoing training for workforce.

Allergan has a good product, excellent service and support for the product. Botox is already a well-recognized cosmetic product. The company has a huge target market. To identify and exploit the resources Allergan can implement a new strategic plan for the year 2011. Some key elements are highlighted

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