Borders and Boundries Essay

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Borders and Boundaries
In John Sayles movie “Lone Star” and in Silko’s article “The Border patrol State”, the main idea in both the readings revolve around the racial discrimination and the racism based on the ethnicity on the U.S Borders. Both the readings have the clues and evidences where the authors are challenging the conventional notions of the borders in the U.S. Silko, on one hand, sees the border patrol as a governmental assembly addicted to interrogation, torture, and the murder of those they see fit for whereas in John Sayles “Lone Star” determines the stereotypes prevailing at the borders and the whole film then revolves around the idea of discrimination and the connection between these types of people on borders. Both the
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That badge doesn't mean anything down here this is my land and, if you come on it, I can shoot you."(50). This means nobody has the right to express and do whatever they want to do. However, in Silko’s article the meaning of the border is same as John because she provides the scenario where the Chicano guys were interrogated and treated very badly by the officers without any reason as if he was a mass smuggler and is only an alien not a citizen of that country. She even describes her border experience where she was checked by the officers with the help of the dog. Even she was threatened by the officers as if she was a criminal. Her main point was that borders are created by humans based on skin color and ethnicities through which people are harassed and forced to do what the officers want them to do.
Another, understanding of borders according to the articles are that borders are the geographical limits created by man for political and social purposes. To illustrate, one major theme running through Lone Star’s narrative is the significance of social and political boundaries. The white bartender is upset that the racial “lines of demarcation are getting fuzzy,” (script) Pilar, does not find out until the film’s final scene that she has a biracial background. By continuing their sexual relationship they find out that they are actually crossing their social boundaries. Also, a minor character, Chuchu Montoya, who draws a line in the

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