Book Review : ' The Jungle ' Essay

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Welcome to the Jungle
There is a creature that roams and stalks the hallways of schools looking for unsuspecting prey. This creature knows to look for those that appear weak and unable to defend themselves. This creature, this predator, has an overwhelming desire to proclaim, establish and illustrate its dominance over those it perceives to be weaker or lesser than itself. This creature is known as a bully. Bullies thrive on exerting the power they possess over others and revel in the fear they cause. Most individuals that are being preyed upon by bullies see no way to stop it from occurring, but they’re wrong. In nature, there are predators that are atop of their food chain, they are known as apex predators (DN). An apex predator is one that has little or nothing in its environment that hunts and preys upon it. A bully could be viewed as being an apex predator in a school environment. Why a bully can be considered that is due to very little hunting of them by those more powerful. In a school, the teachers and administrative staff hold far more power than any bully. However, according to, “1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4 percent of the time” (DSO). When parents send their children to school, they assume it’s a safe environment. They believe their children are in the hands, and under the guidance, of professionals that will keep them from harm. However, the children seldom believe that they are safe.…

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