Essay on Book Review : ' Fly 's ' Onto The Big Screen '

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This weekend Eddie the Eagle 'fly 's ' onto the big screen as a heartwarming and inspiring underdog story about real life Michael Edwards who, in 1988, became the first ski jumper to represent Great Britain in the winter Olympics.

Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Legend, Testament of Youth) plays Eddie Edwards who from a very young age has always wanted to compete in the national Olympics. Bum leg or no he train 's himself religiously to be good at...well any sport will do! He only wants to compete. However one day he finds his true calling: Skiing! And after fate deals him crummy hand; Ski Jumping! While we 're dreaming big let 's set the goals a little higher, Eddie plans to become the first British jumper in the winter Olympics since the late 1800 's. Much to the irritation of his father and secret encouragement of his mother, he wastes no time heading off to Russia to train in one of the most dangerous Olympic sports, a sport by the way, of which he 's never before done. That 's where the haters come in Rune Temte (Love me Tomorrow, Ulykken, Switch) plays Bjorn a famous ski coach who wont give Eddie the time of day, and of course his fellow students follow in his example mocking the poor guy and placing bets on just how long it 'll take him to either quite or kill himself from the fall.

Which brings us to Hugh Jackman (Pan, The Wolverine, Happy Feet) as Bronson Peary the local alcoholic of bitterness and broken dreams the guy who tells our star out right…

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