Analysis Of Alice In Jeopardy By Thomas Hardy

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Title: Alice in Jeopardy
Author: Ed McBain
Publishing Company:
Year: 2002
General Description This book is about how money rules the life of a person that even kidnapping their own children killing their own wife and even faking their own death find it as a best solution to start a new life with someone and forget the past memories and debt.
Chapter 1 The mother (Alice Glendenning) has a negotiation to Mr. Reginald Webster. After they have done talking about the buying of house, when she got home she find the children to their maid (Rosie) but Rosie answers nothing that made Alice call the school guard (faraday) but he said that a Blue Chevy Impala took her children. And after a few minutes a black sounded lady is calling Alice that she has
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Chapter 4 This time Christine let Alice listen to the voice of her child but Alice feel disappointed because the line has been cut and remain a suspicious phrase that made her to think million times just to remember “Mari…”.after that the police suggested super bills to be given to the kidnappers at their meeting place.
Comment: sometimes it’s hard to remain calm facing this kind of case it’s because it deals with life and death of your beloved ones.
Chapter 5 When Alice and Christine meet on their meeting place handed the $250,000 super bills, the police tries to follow them but they failed because Alice escape in their trap.
Comment: solving this kind of problem is too hard especially when the suspects are quite good in this activity.
Chapter 6 Carol heard the true situation of her sister Alice. So she immediately drives to Alice place. The police continue the investigation process and ask some more people that mark as one of the suspect.
Comment: when were down our family is always there to help and sympathized to us no matter what happened in the past. And finding the truth is not an easy

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