Book Report On The Book ' Kingsolver ' Essay

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Log—Feb. 2—6

This journey in which we are about to embark will be enriching to me personally. As a minister it is relevant and important to see Islam with a different perspective. The book start by saying that we need to see this particular set of believes with a different set of lenses. We cannot see Islam with the same point of view we’ve always seen them with. Our own believes, mind sets and even culture will only get in the way of looking at them with the eyes that God would want us to see them.
In my readings I found myself expanding on things I knew about Islam. The founder was Muhammad, who it’s said about him through one of his wife’s collection of traditions about his supernatural experience with an angel called Gabriel. This collection is called the Hadith, in this text; it’s described the encounter with this Supreme Being, who told him to read, to what he replied: “I don’t know how to read.” Furthermore, on page 12 we find the year he was born, 570 AD. His parents called him Muhammad, which in their language means (praise). This little child and those who named him would not be alive when his was venerated and praised by many around the world. One thing I did not know about Muhammad was if he had any children, I knew that he had married but in my readings I found out that he had two children whom had infant deaths. The name of mother of these children was Khadija, who at first hired him to travel with her to Syria to do business. She was a widow, and after some…

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