Book Report of “the Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian by Lloyd Alexander”

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Book Report of “The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian By Lloyd Alexander” Lloyd Alexander start to writing for adults and his stories is always based on what he likes, them he star writing for young people. Most of his books are wrote with reality and fantasy in which the last one has a lot of impossible things to happen in the real world and doesn’t mean anything, he don’t feel these way about it, his point of view about fantasy is a simple form, a way to try to express things about real people in the real world, so fantasy can be an escape from the reality, in a very powerful and expressive form. “The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian By Lloyd Alexander” The principal character of the book is Sebastian the Fiddler who is the …show more content…
Quicksilver and Madame Sophie provide moments of uproarious comedy; they fervently believe that there is some value to magic and moonshine. Now, however, the ending was impressive, because the climax has a subtlety and intensity it wasn't able to understand as a child, and the denouement is both open-ended and upbeat.
In “The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian By Lloyd Alexander”, the action and humor never stop with interestingly, however, magic does not play a very big part in this world. The only example of it in the entire novel is the mysterious violin that Sebastian finds during his travels. It was a great, interesting, extraordinary and grateful book in which all the elements who it involves mysterious, adventures, fiction, humor, irony and development a great story who leaves an education or wonderful moral, we need to make our life’s more optimistic and doesn’t matter what happened, we don’t give up and stand or continues with our lives and our dreams. Also, the book has a connection between the reality and the imagination of this author, like it was wrote about a Fiddle in which he mixed his reality with a lot of imagination and created the story.
What I most like from the book was how the author write the story and in which he develops every single chapter and create a unique form to resolve the problems and gives attractive solutions full of humor. He created a form for the reader to involve an image what’s going to happened or saw in a few

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