Essay Book Report : Dale Start At Hickory

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Dale start at Hickory was like a rebirthing for him personally and professionally. It gave him the chance to do things different this time around. Many of the townspeople did not want him their nor did they want changes being made to their basketball team. From the textbook Harvard Professor Barbra Kellerman said, "I take it as a given that we promote good leadership not by ignoring bad leadership, nor by presuming that it is immutable, but rather by attacking it as we would a disease that is always pernicious and sometimes deadly". I feel as though this is what was happening between the townspeople and Dale during the movie. Not in the sense that Dale was a bad leader but in a sense that the townspeople were scared of his leadership because of what was coming with it meaning change and rules.

Dale responded to Myra by not pestering Jimmy as she requested. So he did stay true to his word which helped his credibility and trustworthiness. Many would could say that he practices what he preaches to his players to trust one another. I feel as though his integrity is his upmost important friend in this newly acquired job. It also seems that she is growing remotely found of Dale scene by scene in the movie.
Question 4
Dale required the players to pass the ball four times before shooting to help build teamwork. By the very end of the season, their teamwork was strongly in place. By making this spoken rule he definitely help the players grow and mature as one unit. So I do believe…

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