Personal Narrative: I Thought It Was Me

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I Thought It Was Me…

Chapter one

“I 'm home!” I shout as I let myself into the apartment that I call home. As I go to collapse on the couch I hear the sound of the crazed animal that is my mother.

“State your name, age, and mission,” she calls.

“Kennedy, 16, getting food and a brief moment of peace and quiet before the monsters get home.” That finally gets her to come out from behind the spiral stairs that we 're keeping her out of sight.

“You can 't refer to your siblings as monsters Kennedy.”

“If I 'm not allowed to refer to them as monsters, then they shouldn 't be allowed to act like monster,” I say with a smirk. She just rolls her eyes at me
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I stayed locked in my room for two days before my dad really started to panic about my health. I was just locked in my room, shaking and trying my best not to rip everything in my sight to shreds. My arms were red and raw from me clawing at them trying to get everything out of my head. My dad had always left me alone if I didn 't want to see anybody, but once he heard me screaming and throwing things while I was alone in my room, he didn 't care. He ran into my room to see me sitting in a ball in the corner with a broken lamp thrown across the room. Tears in my eyes, I looked up at him and said,

“I 'm sorry, I-I-I 'll pay to fix the lamp. I-I 'll be quiet. I 'm sorry for disrupting you.” I couldn 't stop shaking as I just stared at my father in the doorway. He didn 't say anything at first, he just looked at me with great sadness in his eyes. Then he rushed to my side and picked me up off the floor cradling me in his arms. I was thirteen at the time, but I was still a little big for him to carry. He held me anyways.

“There is no reason why you should be sorry. I should 've made sure you were always doing okay. I 'm the one who should be apologizing, and I 'm sorry. I 'm so sorry you went through this by yourself.” He said this as he held me tightly in his

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