Bonfenbrenner's Relationship Between Children And Children: Case Study

Under the microsystem of Bronfenbrenner’s model, it states that, the relationship between the adults and children are “bidirectional”, i.e. it affects and influences each other’s behaviour (Berk, 2013). Through our personal experiences with children, we assent with the above theory. Hence, we choose the topic of Mother-Baby Interaction and Child’s needs. We believe that, the bonding and the positive interaction between a mother and her child will lead to the optimum wellbeing of her child. As this is a pair work, we started off by jotting down what we know about the topic. I am blessed to have Sharmini as a partner, as she is motivated as I am, when it comes to the issues of children’s development. It does not take much time for us to decide, which topic to focus on. We divide the presentation into two sections where my partner presents the first section and followed by me, for the second section. …show more content…
By placing this topic as the first issue to discuss, enables us to emphasize the effects of the mother and child bonding, on the child’s emotional and psychosocial development. Most of the preparations and research are done using the readings. Two of the readings that is critical to our research is the Wellbeing from birth by Rosemary Roberts, and the Young Children’s Health and Wellbeing by Angela Underdown. The first reading states the concept of “interplay” between the mother and child, which brought the awareness of self and other, during the infancy. It touches on how the mother acts as a safe base for the infant to discover and expand their knowledge. The latter reading aids in our understanding, on the definition of children’s well-being and their right to

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