Bronfenbrenner Case Study

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Bronfenbrenner's Bio – Ecological Model of Human Development:

Outline the key points and analyze its relevance for Early Childhood Education.

Bronfenbrenner was a theorist who "had a profound effect on the way we think about child development and our approaches to working with young children and their families" (Hayes, O’Toole and Halpenny, 2017). Bronfenbrenner's theories have encouraged researchers to shift from studying an isolated child to focusing on studying children whilst they are in social situations or environments (Hayes, O'Toole and Halpenny, 2017). Bronfenbrenner's views on Early Childhood Education and Care were very different to everybody else's during his time. He was not afraid to express his disagreement and his concerns
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He attempts to bring the two together during his research and findings. The main aim of the bio – ecological model is to focus on the child. It deals with things such as the child's personality, age, gender, temperament, self – esteem, health, stage of cognitive development and so on. *His bio – ecological model highlighted the importance of various types of relationships that children build throughout their …show more content…
However, the micro – system tends to become more complex once the child's environment begins to grow, for example going to preschool (Shaffer, 2009). "To get a sense of the next environmental system of development – the meso – system – we need to 'zoom out' a little and take a slightly broader overview of the developmental context by looking at interrelations among microsystems" (Watts, Cockcroft and Duncan, 2009, p. 505).

The meso – system:

The meso – system is associated with "the connections or interrelationships within among such microsystems as homes, schools and peer groups" (Shaffer and Kipp, 2010, p. 63). Bronfenbrenner believed that it was important that children had very supportive and strong links between microsystems as it would have a positive impact on the child's development. Whereas if there are non - supportive links between microsystems it can have a negative effect on the child (Shaffer and Kipp, 2010).

The exo –

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