Bmgt 364 Essay

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Introduction At the age of forty Tom has taken a $50,000.00 buy-out for the company that he worked for. Tom is married with two children and a pet and bases his values around them. He has a BA in business as well as an MBA and is working on starting his own coffee shop, name Tom’s Coffee Cup, across the street from the Ravens and Orioles stadium in Baltimore, Maryland; but still wishes to spend more time with his family since he was not able to do that in his previous job. As Tom’s Coffee Cup becomes successful the work load becomes too much and Tom decides to hire additional help since his wife refuses to be park of the business.
Mission At Tom’s Coffee Cup our mission is to provide an atmosphere quality for the quality
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In order for Mr. Cheet to reach his goal he has changed the supplier of coffee they receive earning Tom’s Coffee Cup money but compromising the quality of the coffee as well as reducing the menu sizes and raised prices, and reduced the staff work hours and eliminated positions. This made his customer rate go down as well as profit. If Tom would have a set of objectives in place or at least state to Mr. Cheet that the quality, quantity, prices, and manning could not be changed unless approved by himself, his business might not be losing money as well as customers.
Organizational culture The organizational structure that seems to be in place has little structure as well as no advocate for employees. This leaves no room for employees who feel they are being treated unfairly to say anything to anyone who is able to help.
Suggested Organizational Structure In order for Tom to respect and be fair to his employees he must have someone to advocate for them or for him to be the one at the coffee shop on a daily basis making sure that everything is running the way he intended it to.
Organizational Culture An organizational culture is a system of shared values, beliefs, and assumptions that show people how to behave appropriately. These values strongly influence employees and organizations. With Mr. Cheet as the manager of Tom’s Coffee Cup there is a

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