Bloom 's Shakespeare Through The Ages Othello Essay

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Bloom, Harold. Bloom’s Shakespeare Through the Ages Othello: Bloom’s Literacy, NY: 2008. Print. 1-311 The central thesis of Bloom’s book argues that the Shakespeare play Othello has not changed through the ages. However, the way people perceive it has changed. Bloom begins his book with a study of the first play that written then breaks it down throughout the ages. Bloom starts by stating, “The first recorded performance of Othello was November 1, 1604” (45) Bloom then states, ‘all the casting are males”. (45) Bloom then moves to the nineteenth century, where all the parts are still played by males but a white male, “in a full body of black makeup”, plays Othello. (121) Bloom also states that “skin color continued being an issue” (121) Bloom continues to move though the twentieth century stating, “Iago was one of four of Shakespeare favorite character”. (137) Bloom then looks into Iago’s true nature, “master of emotion”. (144) Bloom gets to the twenty first century; he talks about how “race” and “gender” (235) has changed throughout the plays life. Bloom draws many parallels between the characteristics of Othello, being a hereon and a victim. Bloom’s book is very helpful to anyone who is interested in learning about how gender has changed throughout the ages of the Shakespeare play Othello.

Campbell, Lily B. Shakespeare’s Tragic Heroes Slaves of Passion. United States, MA: 1973. 148-174. The central thesis of Campbell’s book tells us all the mean…

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