Blood Brothers By Willy Russell Essay

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Blood Brothers was one of the most popular British musicals of all time. Written by playwright Willy Russell, it was presented on the stage of London in 1988, reviewers consistently praised the musical. Blood Brothers is one of the most successful and well known musical plays in history, making its audience plummet into mixed feelings of happiness and humour, and then into melancholy and sorrow. The play is an unbeaten piece of work that is still recognized by many critics and thrives in the hearts of its audiences around the world. The success of Blood Brothers over the three decades since it premiered, is not so much down to the score or even the final scene, but to the strength of the book and what it has to say about the apparent theme of social class distinction and the significant effects it has on the lives of the main characters. The three hour show tells the tale of two brothers, separated at birth, who find serendipity drawing them back together in adulthood. As they grow older, leading ostensibly separate lives, they begin to gravitate back towards each other, until they eventually become friends. However, they grow up in unawareness of their blood relationship until the unavoidable quarrel caused through 'class ' differences leads to the heart-rending outcome. the touching story of absolute and instinctive brotherly love is tarnished forever by tragedy. Initially, The play certainly expresses some truths clearly and with great compassion. As Mrs Johnstone sings…

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