Case Study Blockbuster

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The blockbuster is based on their company’s key element of its business model such as high visibility, convenient locations, a wide selection of titles, national advertising those business model element to apply in its distribution channel strategic which include brick-and-mortar store model, online store model, video on demand and vending machine model to further expand their business and to better fit with the local stores. Among four of this distribution channel, only the brick-and-mortar model and online store model are the Blockbuster major distribution channel strategic. For the brick-and-mortar store model, Blockbuster had opened 5696 stores which operate under the blockbuster brand and other brand names in the States and its territories …show more content…
The customer can just simply surfing to the Blockbuster’s website and select the movie they wanted to their queue then Blockbuster will ship the customer order accordingly. Usually the customer will receive their DVDs within 1-3 business day. The customer will experience a wider selection of titles available in the website of Blockbuster compared to its retail’s stores. Besides, the online store offer to some particular customer convenience who located in a geographical location that do not have the Blockbuster convenient store location that can direct rent from the website of Blockbuster without driving anyways. The Blockbuster’s website not only provide online rental service but also enable their customer to download movie online and watch the downloaded movie through their exclusive software which giving a circumstances of period such as 24 hours to watch the downloaded movie as many times as they want. In order to increase their customer satisfaction level, Blockbuster giving their customer the ability to discuss their likes or dislike of their products so that Blockbuster can improve. In order to promote its online channel and also the brick-and-mortar model to compete with the local stores, Blockbuster has come out with several national advertising. For example, since Blockbuster has an exclusive software for their customer to watch the downloaded movie, Blockbuster formed a partnership with the device maker such as Motorola and HTC to include Blockbuster’s exclusive software into their new device model and Blockbuster also formed a marketing partnership with Comsat Cable Corporation so that there will be more customer will using the Blockbuster’s online subscription services. Blockbuster also focus the advertising on commercials, their website,

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