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Roles and functions
Amber manning

Roles and functions 1


The roles and functions are based on the health care world. And I will be talking about the four major roles of management in the health care setting. How the four roles function along with the important roles of the manager and leader. And what I think I can gain by taking this class. So sit back and relax as I begin thanks.

Roles and functions 3

The four major roles and functions in the health care setting and I think in the management position in all types of work are planning , organizing, leading and of above all controlling. With planning you have to really set a goal and make ways for the team to
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I was talking but they wouldn’t listen so I transferred to a different area. But I was in a team and we called ourselves the pink ladies cause for some reason we all loved pink. But I think the planning and organizing and above all the communication we all had along with the goals we set were very good. We all got a major area of the issue the office had in check. The manager had even made us the leader of the area at one point because we really got things done the right way. It was great and with the goals we set, we were able to really get the job done right. The planning was hard but we got threw it with our manager as well as we put the leader to work like it part of the team and not just a leader. The controlling part was based on who did what and also the manager’s doings. I think we did an awesome job.
The most important role in the management and leadership are is making sure the company runs as smoothly and operates like it’s supposed to. As a health care manager many roles and responsibilities like organizing and planning and also taking control is very important it lets all the employees know hey we need to do this or it will not be right. (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, &Kramer, 2007). I think in this class I want to know everything there is about taking care of people the right way. I want to learn about how to plan and organize things when needed. I have already figured out how to use a team but I think I need more practice as

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