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Argumentative Essay

Trust is the Bedrock of the Five Characteristics of the Army Profession

CPT Marc Hurst

Team 6

LOG-C3 Class 15-006

02 September 2015

Every day a new group of civilians recites the oath to become a Soldier, and every day a trained Army unit deploys to a specific location to execute a specific mission. The Army is constantly molding and shaping individuals through training, to solidify an understanding of what it means to be a professional. No longer is the Army considered just another job, it is considered a profession. ADRP 1 states, “The Army Profession is a unique vocation of experts certified in the design, generation, support, and
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The American people empower the Army to execute our military expertise and honorable service. In An Army White Paper: The Profession of Arms it states, “Our client, the American people, gets to make the judgment of the extent to which we are a profession and they will do so based on the bond of trust we create with them based on the ethical, exemplary manner in which we employ our capabilities.”4 As leaders, we have to self-police both our actions and our Soldiers’ actions, in garrison and combat. We do this to ensure no deviation from the high standards of our client. Without the trust, we will lose this bond with the American people, which in turn will remove our capability of employing our military expertise and serving honorably to our Country. Our Army has not become military experts overnight. The leaders we empower within our organization foster the atmosphere for our professional Soldiers to want to become experts within our profession. Leaders must build that bond and develop a team that becomes effective on the battlefield. When we have this common vision, leaders can empower people to do whatever you want them to do. With this, we can exploit their initiative and become a team that strives for the same goal. Once this esprit de corps is established, Soldiers will defend one another in battle. Off this standard, Soldiers become stewards of the profession. Every organization must have a supporting foundation. Within the Army, that support beam is trust.

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