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Throughout ones experience in school, one must have a sense of personal responsibility in order to achieve success. Many colleges and universities imply this learning model in hopes of teaching the student as a whole and not just on an academic level. College success is determined not only by the information we learn on an intellectual level but on a socioeconomic and ethical level as well. When we delve into the world of personal responsibility in conjunction with education we have to touch on many subjects before we can fully understand the importance of this matter.
There are several models that have been implemented throughout the years in order to show the relation of personal responsibility and adult learning. In 1991 Brockett and
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Not only academically but also on a moral and ethical level. Personal responsibility is how I will conduct myself in and out of the classroom, how I will take the knowledge gained and use it to better not only my life but the lives of others as well. It is how I will hold myself and my peers as well as teachers accountable for our learning and actions. On a school standpoint personal responsibility and social responsibility involve the moral obligation to both self and community, and both forms of responsibility rely upon such virtues as honesty, self-discipline, respect, loyalty, and compassion. The formation of these personal and social dispositions is powerfully influenced by the character of the community culture, and the community’s own integrity and vitality depends, in turn, on the values, actions, and contributions of its members. Empowered and informed learners are also responsible. Through discussion, critical analysis, and introspection, they come to understand their roles in society and accept active participation. Open-minded and empathetic, responsible learners understand how abstract values relate to decisions in their lives. Responsible learners appreciate others, while also assuming accountability for themselves, their complex identities, and their conduct . . . they help society shape its ethical values, and then live by those values. (Antonaros, M., Barnhardt, C., Holsapple, M., Moronski, K., Vergoth, V., &

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