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Tiffany Marshall
English 101
November 20th, 2012
Bacardi, The Life of The Party! Many businesses today promote their products and get them noticed through advertising. There are different ways of advertising, like commercials or just a page in a magazine. In 2011, more than $400 billion was spent in just advertising. A good portion of that is for alcohol ads. Bacardi spends approximately $100 million a year on advertising. Bacardi is the largest family/privately owned alcohol company in the world today (Andrew Sorkin_). I would say Bacardi’s advertising plays a big part in making them as successful as they are. Before I talk about their advertisement, you’re probably wondering who the Bacardi’s are and how they became as successful
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Their make-up make them look as though they are models, and their hair is done with perfection and in a style that you would have seen women in the 50’s have. The med in the ad are all very handsome and are wearing suits that look expensive and elegant also. The setting seems to be in a bar or a club. Also, there are several drinks included in the ad which I assume to have Bacardi in them. Some of the drinks are different in a way; Two of them are darker, one with a lemon in it and the other with a lime. The few other drinks are clear, like water, and filled with a bunch of limes. Everyone in the ad seems to be enjoying themselves, whether flirting at the bar or taking a picture. I think this ad really did a good job at getting mine and other attention and really making us want to try the beverage for ourselves just because I want to have as much fun as I see the people in the ad are. This ad does a great job at getting its audience to notice the joy in it. I feel like it makes the audience want to drink because of the way everyone is having fun in the ad. An example of this is everyone in the ad is smiling. They all seem to be enjoying themselves while drinking their beverages. In the ad, there is a man in the foreground that is laughing with two beautiful women on each of his arms. To the male audience, this might make them feel as though they may become a “ladies man” if they drink Bacardi. To the right of this

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