Essay on Black Men And American Male Students

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Black men are more likely to go to prison or end up dead than to graduate from high school with a high school diploma, especially in inner cities where children are surrounded with violence on a daily basis. Society has made assumption about the black men intelligence since slavery times. Black men were always treated as though they were less than then everyone else and have been given the shorter end of the stick. Coach Carter was released in 2005 and According to the NAACP, the graduation rate for African American male students for the nation as a whole in 2005–06 was 47 percent. In 2005–06, less than half of all African American male students received diplomas with their class. The film was based on a true story in 1999 and the national graduation rate for the class of 1998 was 56% for African-American students. As shown by the percentages rates black men are less likely to graduate from high school than other race, especially the white race. In the film coach carter, Principal Garrison told coach carter only 50% of its students graduate from Richard, most of them being female and only five of players on his basketball will have a chance at graduating. Coach Carter discredited her teacher abilities by telling her that she needs to do her job as the school principal and educated these young boys so they can have a chance to go to college. Principal Garrison mindset an example of chapter four introduction where it states the frustration of public education in reference to…

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