Black Lives Matter Persuasive Speech

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The nation is in high tension with all of the recent police shootings and the social injustice towards African-Americans. People are protesting now because Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a movement where people around the country of the cruelty towards African-Americans. We are tired of being treated differently because of our skin and judging who we are without getting to know a person. People don’t really know what the Black Lives Matter movement really is and whites are confused on why we are protesting. But yet they do not know what we go through, how some black people died for no reason, how white privilege is real, and why Black Lives Matter is a positive movement.
The Black Lives Matter movement is a positive one because
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He was walking down the middle of the road with his friend when a cop stop to tell them to walk on the sidewalk and get out the street. The cop and Michael got into some controversy about it and Michael supposedly hit the officer. They started to get more into it and the cop pulls out the gun and shoot Michael on his thumb. Nervous and panicking, he started to run away from the cop. The cop shoots him in the leg so he can be stopped. This is where it gets interesting. From some witnesses, they stated Michael stopped and had his hands up when he got killed. The cop said Michael Brown charged at him. There were audio of the cop shooting at him 10 times. After the shots, the cop left him on the ground where he shot him at for hours. Imagine a dead body lying on the ground in the middle of the street and no one is around. The witness still believed that his hands were up while he was getting shot at which started the, “Hands up, don’t shoot” slogan and it sparked the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. With all of that saying he had his hands up and did nothing afterwards, the cop was acquitted of all …show more content…
Some cops get a call saying someone had a gun at a convenience store, so they went to the store to see what the fuss was about. The two cops confronted Alton about the gun and things got heated. Alton Sterling did not attack them and one of the cops body slammed him on the ground and pulled the gun on Alton Sterling. The cop repeated said, “Do not move, do not move.” In the video you seen Alton Sterling was not moving at all while the cop was on top of him. He couldn’t move at all anyways because of the weight on him. Not moving, the cop shot Alton Sterling in point blank range. Shoot him in point blank range and watching the life go out of him was crushing and sad. So what happened to the cops? Well we don’t know because they were not prosecuted and they are walking free. The cops made an alibi saying while one cop was on top of him, Alton supposedly reached for his gun (If you see the video, you can see his hands in plain sight not even close to his pockets.) so they had the right to shoot him because he became a threat. Even though it was vicious police brutality on Alton and he did not deserve to die, the cops at the end of the day will most likely not be prosecuted. Coincidence that the very next day, Philando Castillo of Minnesota was shot dead grabbing for his wallet when he got pulled over by the cops with his wife and kid in the car with him. But the cop that killed

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