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However the militia gets informed before the U.S. troops show up and are waiting and ready for them. This made what the U.S. military thought was going to be an easy in and out operation, into a dangerous near impossible mission. While they were setting up the perimeter to send in the Army Rangers to the building to take care of everything inside the target building all of the militia was waiting for them and with one rocket was able to take out one of the top helicopters designed by the United States military.

After reading many book reviews about Black Hawk Down, many people said that it was a good read and that people liked and enjoyed reading the book; however I didn’t like the book that much because I thought that he wrote the book in too technical of terms and that it wasn’t so much for the everyday person to read unless they looked up many military terms because there were so many terms used throughout the book. I thought that this made the book drag on because instead of keeping my attention on what was going on through the book and trying to figure out what every other word meant. A suggestion that I would make to the author is to use a less of the technical terms and get the attention of the readers and keep it by not using terms that not everyone knows. He obviously did very extensive research and knew what he was talking about with the book. He knew what he was talking about and I liked that he told everything exactly the way it
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