Essay about Black Children Not Considered As Children

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Black Children Not Considered as Children
The articles (Patton, 2014), “In America, black children don’t get to be children”, written by Stacy Patten in November 2014, suggests from research by researchers, psychologists and anthropologists that black American children are innately inferior, dangerous and indistinguishable from black adulthood, whereas not innocence as their opposite race, whites are. The lives of the black youth have trickled to a devastating issue in America. As life is full of dualism, male-female, binary system black-white, superiority- inferiority, right-wrong and up-down. It makes one wonder, why are black youth lives not concerned innocent or worthy.
My reaction to this article comes also from a dualistic approach. Police deemed to serve and protect seemingly are taking the role of the courts: judging, sentencing and executing. This can be linked to police officers considered as to having discretionary power while dealing with youth offenders (Hess, 2013). The mindset of their approach toward confrontation with black youths, male and female, is to shoot first because of their inferior complex they are known to have. According the article, black youth are considered as demons and aggressive (Patton, 2014). From slavery to present this paper will address how whites have shown the inferior complex by using superior tactics to do away with blacks.
Police response to delinquency over the centuries and most recently has shown an impartiality in…

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