Essay on Bite of Twilight

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The feminist idea was designed to define, establish, and defend equal political, economic, and social rights for women. In the articles Taking a Bite Out of Twilight, written by Carmen D. Siering an assistant professor of English and women’s studies at Bell State University, and Two Ways a Women Can Get Hurt, written by Jean Kilbourne who is an award winning author and educator, the idea of feminism in today’s media is questioned. Seiring writes about a popular book, titled Twilight, and how the main female character of the novel goes against the idea of feminism. Kilbourne, however, writes about how advertising in today’s society is portraying women in a distinctively non-feminist way. Both authors are trying to convey to their readers …show more content…
Siering even goes as far as saying that Twilight depicts women as having no control over their sexual desire, while men have self-control from the temptations. Siering encourages her readers to take another look at the book with open eyes and see how it represents the idea of men being the most important entity in a women’s life.
In the essay “Two Ways a Women Can Get Hurt”, by Jean Kilbourne, many points are brought up on how advertising is portraying women in an undesirable persona. Kilbourne discusses the power that advertising images hold over the audiences that are exposed to them on a daily basis. She emphasizes in her writing that advertising has become extremely sexually focused and normalizes dangerous acts. She also writes how she believes that the mistreatment and manipulation of women in ads has become evident. Ads are showing women in little to nothing clothes and they also have the women positioned in alluring poses. They even make women appear vulnerable, sexually inviting, and submissive. Advertising continues to insult and degrade women in a way that women are starting to become numb to. When women see the ads that are offensive to them, or should be, they either ignore it or even worse aim to imamate it. Kilbourne writes, “Advertising often encourages women to be attracted to hostile and indifferent men while encouraging boys to become those men. (Kilbourne, pg.462). Kilbourne

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