Biscuits And Blues Descriptive Essay

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RJ Mischo & Zach Bramhill at Biscuits and Blues

Hidden in the crowded area of Mason Street San Francisco was what seemed to be a average little room covered in vinyl records and art work know as Biscuits and Blues. As soon as I walked in to the almost silent room, I was greeted by a younger gentlemen asking me if I had ever been to a Blues show before to which I replied “No”, his smiled widened when he responded with “then you are in for a treat”. I paid my $20 admission, with those prices I knew I truly was in for a “treat”, as I walked downstairs the atmosphere instantly became dimmer and the music made its debut in full force. The waiter immediately leads me to a table and as I trail behind her I notice the entire room is dim except for the stage light that illuminate the entire area. As soon as I sit down there is a transition of the lights, they turn from a bright yellow to a calm blue signaling the change between a previously upbeat song to a more relaxed one. As I begin to take in my surroundings completely, I noticed the entire back wall is covered in beautifully colored alcohol bottles along with a few mirrors radiating the reflection of the stage lights. The room was full of people ranging in ages, there was no bias in age, race, or gender there was a little bit of each type of
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I found myself enjoying each and every song being preformed while enjoying great food, friendly people, and a wonderful atmosphere. My only regret is not getting one of the CD’s that were available for us to buy because I have not been able to find Mischo’s or Bramhall’s music anywhere but the occasional one or two on YouTube. I still find myself listening with enjoyment to the recording I took of the duo doing the instrumental performance. I do plan on returning to Biscuits and Blues with my family and I hope to enjoy the second performance as much as I enjoyed the

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