Bis155 Final Exam Study Guide Essay

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BIS155 Final Exam Study Guide

The Final Exam has a total of five essay questions. The focus of the exam is to evaluate your ability to select and apply appropriate tools/concepts based on descriptions of common business situations.

Topic Question Type Number of Questions Points Possible
TCO 1 through 9: Excel Essay 4 160
TCO 10: Database Concepts Essay 1 40

TCO 1 – 2: Spreadsheet Development
1. Basic steps/tasks involved in spreadsheet development.
2. Appropriate cell references required in various situations (relative, mixed, or absolute).
3. Appropriate formatting for titles, column headings.
4. When to use ranges and how to meaningfully name cell ranges.
5. Simple formula creation using constants
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Essay. The Essay questions will present you with a situation in which you need to demonstrate a broad understanding of Access and Excel concepts.

Example: You work for a Video store with a database of all the films owned by the store as well as rental information that shows all check-out information for all of the films and customers.
Part A: Describe the purpose of a report you might provide the owner of the store.
Part B: Explain the data required to generate this report, and how the data would be prepared
Part C: Describe the organization of information.
Part D: Explain formatting for the report.
Part E: Describe visual presentation of the information (charts).

Model Answer:
A. The owner of the store is most interested in the overall income from rental of films. In order to help her make decisions about how much stock to carry, I would create a report that shows rental history by category by month. This would allow her to see peak periods for rentals and categories most in demand throughout the year.
B. To generate this report, records of all rentals for a period of at least one year will be required. The records will include the rental dates, the category of video rented in each rental.
C. I would use a sorting level by month and also by film category, so that the owner could see the total sales per month and also the types of

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