Bis 155 Entire Course All Labs-Quizzes and Final Exam Essay

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BIS 155 Entire Course All Labs-Quizzes And Final Exam
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BIS 155 ( All Quizzes Included in File )
BIS 155 Lab 1
BIS 155 Lab 2
BIS 155 Lab 3
BIS 155 Lab 4 ( Word )
BIS 155 Lab 4 (Excel )
BIS 155 Lab 4 Clary labels
BIS 155 Lab 5
BIS 155 Lab 6
BIS 155 Lab 6 Clary Course Project
BIS 155 Lab 6 Clary Project Memo Template
BIS 155 Lab 7 Clary ( BIS 155 Final Exam ) Final Exam 1. (TCO 1) You work for a local construction firm, “DeVry Engineering Group” and your supervisor wants to test your knowledge and skills with Microsoft Excel and has instructed you to develop a spreadsheet to calculate
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Using your knowledge learned in this class, descriptively explain whether you would keep all weekly payrolls in one worksheet or assigned to new worksheets by week. Defend your reasoning’s on the approach your take based on what you have learned in this course.

2. (TCO 3) You currently work for an automotive parts supply store. Your company is growing and is considering expansion. The company currently has three locations (North, South, and Central) in one state. Each parts supply store carries inventory in four categories. You have been presented with the sales figures for the last three years for each location and inventory category by store. Based on this information, you’re tasked with analyzing current sales for each store by category and overall total sales by store and category.
Note: This is a four part question.
1.) Explain your approach to setting up your worksheets and organizing the data.
2.) Explain how you will visually represent the data for the total sales of the individual inventory categories for each location for the time periods shown.
3.) Explain how you will visually represent the consolidated data for the sales of all stores and all inventory categories for all time periods in one chart or graph.
4.) Once you have finished the above tasks, you plan to send the Excel workbook to your manager for evaluation. Your manger is presenting your findings to the Board of Directors for justification for additional capital

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