Biology 101 Review Essay

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How theory is different than hypothesis hypothesis is tentative, theory reflects broader agreement

Chapter 2

1. Definitions of atom, matter, element

Atom-stuff of life

Matter-any material that takes up space

Element-pure substance that can’t be broken down by chemical means into other substances

2. Difference between bulk and trace elements (don’t memorize list)

Bulk-make up majority of living things

Trace-required in smaller amounts

3. 3 parts of atom

Proton, neutron, electron

4. Atomic number vs. atomic mass

Number-number of protons in nucleus

Mass-total number of protons and neutrons in nucleus

5. Isotope different forms of a single element with different numbers of neutrons

6. How many electrons are found in 1st and other valence shells


7. Name of element group that does not react since their outer shell is full – noble gases

8. Difference between diatomic and compound molecule

Diatomic-molecule with two atoms of the same element

Compound-molecule with two or more different elements

9. Difference between ionic, covalent and hydrogen bonds

Ionic-electrons are given and taken between atoms

Covalent-forms when two atoms share electrons

Hydrogen-opposite partial charges on adjacent molecules attract to each other

10. 2 types of covalent bonds



11. How water forms hydrogen bonds

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