Biological Influences On Personality Essay

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The track that I chose for my final project is Biological Influences on Personality. The chosen topic is Temperament. Personality is used to determine the differences in behavior patterns. Our personalities are what makes us unique to everyone else. A person’s personality continues to develop throughout their life. One of the factors that influence our personality is our heredity. Heredity refers to the genetic inheritance we develop from our parents.
Another influence on our personality is social factors. Social factors begin to influence us at home when we are children and continue into our adulthood through our work environment. According to Academia. Edu environmental factors play a big role in an individual’s personality. For instance a person’s social environment influences a child’s moral and social attitudes. The family environment also plays a big role in the development of a child’s personality because this where the child begins his or hers first relationship through learning about stereotypes and likes and dislikes.
. The first article that I reviewed is Taxonic Structure of Infant Reactivity: Evidence from a Taxometric Perspective. (Woodward, S. A., Lenzenweger, M. F., Kagan, J., Snidman, N., & Arcus, D.). The purpose of the article was to determine the stimuli
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Research has studied how children react to both novel objects, and social and nonsocial situations. By assessing their response to the stimuli in novel objects or the involuntary reactions to the social and non-social situations. However where there has been a neglect in focus are in the children of the younger age group. Children aged 2-3 have not been properly assessed in how they react to the previously mentioned novel objects in addition to social and nonsocial

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