John Bowlby Attachment Theory

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Ethological theory emphases on the effect of the environment on development and on how, throughout the lifetime, awareness to the environment varies. They form on the stage-based ethics of psychoanalytic and cognitive theories. Relatively ‘sensitive periods’ are focused instead of age-based developmental stages. Attachment theory is the well identified ethological perspective based on early human bonding behaviour. John Bowlby, attachment theory is predominantly based on ethological theory, evolutionary theory and psychoanalytic theory. The attachment theory is a widely used approach for considering individual differences in child adaptation or to cope with a particular life event. Also, includes factors that affect the quality of family relations. …show more content…
Lorenz’s experiments directed the way toward understanding the early experience that helps to shape social behaviour in adulthood. The social and emotional development of children are very complicated because of the way by which infants react on the different situations and surroundings while developing new skills and learning to adapt to changes. At early stages of childhood, infant look for their parents or primary caregivers at all time. When they are away from their parents, they get anxious and cry out to attract their attention. Crying is an early social behaviour in infancy. It promotes a social interaction of some type and duration, depending on the awareness of the parent. Poor maternal attachment can have negative impact on children’s social-emotional development. Therefore, caregivers should react to infants with alertness, interest and show concern for them. Thus, attachment and bonding have a major impact in the development of social and emotional relationships. It makes caregivers or parents get emotionally attached to infants. Children suffers some deficits in cognitive development when given institutionalized care. Therefore, the attachment between a caregiver (naturally parent) and a child determines the cognitive development of a child. Parent should interact with their baby regularly. In order to stimulate a child senses, they are to be provided with toys and involve in play activities. It is necessary that the caregiver carryout educational activities too in order to make children understand the concept of cause and make aware of effects which will help cognitive

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