Essay on Biography Of Ida Jean Orlando Pelletier

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Ida Jean Orlando-Pelletier (August 12, 1926 – November 28, 2007) was an internationally known psychiatric health nurse, theorist and researcher who developed the “Deliberative Nursing Process Theory.” The theory was published in her 1961 book, The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship and revised 1972 book: The Discipline and Teaching of Nursing Processes. Orlando’s nursing theory stresses the reciprocal relationship between the patient and the nurse. What the nurse and the patient say and do affects them both. She viewed the professional function of nursing as finding out and meeting the patient’s immediate need for help. She stated that the patient 's presenting behavior may be a plea for help, however, the help needed may not be what it appears to be. Therefore, nurses need to use their perception, thoughts about the perception, or the feeling engendered from their thoughts to explore with patients the meaning of their behavior. This process helps the nurse find out the nature of the distress and what help the patient needs. She also described her model as revolving around the following five major interrelated concepts: function of professional nursing (organizing principle), presenting behavior (problematic situation), immediate reaction (internal response), nursing process discipline (investigation into the patient’s needs), and improvement (resolution to the patient’s situation).
The Deliberative Nursing Process has five stages: assessment, diagnosis, planning,…

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