Examples Of General Systems Theory In Nursing

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There are many theories that have influenced the nursing practice. But which one has had the greatest lasting effect? The nursing process is built off of the general systems theory! General systems theory is a general science theory of systematical approach. It is a holistic approach to systematical theories. It has been a basis of which many other theorists have built off. This generalized theory and approach can be very helpful in the nursing profession.
What would nursing be today if our history was different? If the history of nursing itself was different? What do the Middle Ages have to do with nursing today? The development of nursing was influenced by social, political, philosophical, religious and other historical aspects of the Middle
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It has caused many more theories to be proposed by theorists, effecting what nursing has become. Nursing is based off of a holistic approach and is a continuous process. General systems theory can be applied to nursing in how nurses care for their patients. Nurses look at the whole picture with their patients, not just the one issue at hand. They help patients in all aspects of their life and health, anyway they can. For example, a person comes in for high blood sugar, the nurse treats the patient for hyperglycemia with extra insulin. Using a systematic approach, the nurse also helps the client go over their eating habits, and exercise routines, along with their partner and/or family in order to provide the best outcome to the …show more content…
Working as a registered nurse at a long term care facility, I am not able to focus on one specific resident’s needs. When admitting a new resident I have to assess how that resident will affect the team as a whole. What kind of care will the resident need? Adding that new resident changes the whole functioning of the team; the nurses, the aides and even the kitchen staff. More time will be needed for the aides to perform care and their routines will change. The nurses’ medication pass routine and times will also change. Therefore when admitting and assessing new residents, or assessing residents returning from a hospital stay, I am using the general systems theory.
Middle Ages Influences on Nursing
The Middle Ages is a time period in history that has had a major impact on nursing. The middle ages were from A.D. 5000 A.D. 1500. During this time the church had a strong influence and say over society.
There was not much philosophical influence during the Middle Ages, as the Church had most say and influence during this time. St. Augustine’s writings were strongly acknowledged (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014). During this era, Thomas Aquinas work became a cornerstone of Catholic philosophy (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014). As proposed by Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2014) in the later Middle Ages time was put into retranslating Plato and

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