Biography Of Albrecht Durer ( 1471-1528 ) Essay

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Printmaking is an art form that largely began in the early 16th Century Renaissance Europe. The art form involved drawing or engraving directly in a metal plate, and the use of paint and oils in order to duplicate an image. This inexpensive process allowed for the infinite duplication of artwork, resulting in the large recognition of artists from across Europe and public knowledge of their works. This form of art was of great benefit to those of whom could not afford original works, allowing for the lower classes of Europe to afford and hence appreciate great works and artists.

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) was born in Nuremberg, Germany during the European Reformation and the inauguration of the Northern European Renaissance (1430-1580). Durer was one of the first artists to use the art form of printmaking, and created prints that were able to circulate around Europe rapidly throughout, and well after the artist’s life. Durer was one of the early pioneers of the German Renaissance (1450-1517). This was largely beneficial to Durer as the art form would ultimately lead to his abundant success, reputation and influence over European art.

Renaissance is the term used to describe a period of art in Europe, and in Italian literally translates to “rebirth.” This rebirth was that of the art that occurred during the classical era, typically repeating the art style used in Ancient Rome and Greece. The renaissance initially began in the early 14th Century in Florence, during a time of…

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