Biodiversity And How Having A Diverse World Is Extremely Important

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This next chapter really focuses on biodiversity and how having a diverse world is extremely important. Earle states that “if the gene pool is small, the greater vulnerability of life to diseases, storms, and changes in climates”. This is not just true for humans, but for animals as well. The more people fish and the more marine life that goes extinct the smaller the species get which could lead to a lot of diseases which could kill a ton of animals and soon there would not be a mass amount left. That is why Earle makes it very important that the reader knows that by every marine animal that goes extinct it doesn’t just hurt life in the water but eventually it will start to hurt life out of the water. Animals in the water already have to compete with other animals to get food and stay alive so why are we trying to compete with animals. Us humans are just adding to the major problem without any benefits coming out of it for us and the animals. Even with the advanced technologies we have today we cannot stop from harming animals and plants. Earle states that “73 percent of all flowering plants are at risk”. That means that more than half of all plants of on the verge of extinction and there is not anything we are doing to try to stop it. When will enough be enough? Earle then proceeds to talk about oil spills and drilling for oil. As if things could not get worse they already have. The ocean is now being drilled into to find oil. Well, that could be interesting and neat…

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